The perfect captivating gift dedicated to your VIP escort model

Even though you are having a vacation in a tropical country such as in Thailand which always display it's beautiful side especially spending your exclusive and luxury getaway in one of the best beach destinations in the world. Having a luxurious beach holiday together with a stunning VIP escort model company is always a great idea for your well-deserved holiday break after all those hectic work stress!

Before setting off for your well-deserved holiday. Some gentlemen will be having thoughts of bringing a gift for your exquisite escort companion to enhance up the date especially during the initial meeting when you met your desired partner and will be using the gift to impress her.

The best gift for your dream escort model from our elite high-class escort agency should be a sexy yet exquisite thing that also at the same time allows you to spice up your date and therefore promise you an exceptional escort experience! How about considering wrapping up a sexy bikini since you will be heading to a beach destination?

Gifting a sexy bikini to your dream partner that allows the stunning figure of your Elite escort model in the limelight. In Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi are some of the best luxury destinations Thailand has to offer for your beautiful Thailand model to soak up some vitamin D and at the same time allows you to enjoy the stunning view of your charming companion styling in a tight and sexy bikini.

There are plenty of activities that you can consider signing up with your charming model companion and allows your elegant escort companion to present her stunning toned figure in a different set of extremely sexy beach wear. VIP beach club, yacht party, private pool moments or many other events or activities! Find the perfect and suitable bikini for your companion of your choice.

With the stylish and sexy design swimwear you have carefully chosen for your escort companion. The stunning and toned body figure of your escort model from our Elite Escort agency will look even more stunning and captivating. She will pamper you with all the rules that she learnt from the old school sensual book. Stimulating you intellectually with deep conversations during your private and sensual moments with her. This is what Elite High-Class Escort Experience is all about.