Techniques and Tips to ensure an exceptional and unique escort experience with your dream model

Finally after a long time of waiting, the day of meeting your dream escort model has arrived. An exciting and sensual time with plenty of memorable and passionate moments awaits you.

The escort model of your dream is already looking forward to those intimate and exciting moments that you guys will shared indefinitely throughout the date. To make this escort experience memorable and unique, your dream woman will do everything possible with her efforts to seduce and turn you on by maximising all the techniques she has learnt in the art of seduction.

However in order to enjoy this unique escort experience to the fullest, everyone should do their part to maximise the potential of this escort experience. Gentlemen should pick up some useful tips on turning on a girl sensually, impressing them as well as learning some rules of etiquette when using an escort services.

These few tips below will allows you to learn some of the techniques and reveal the secrets behind of a successful escort experience.

1) Dressing and having self-confidence - This is probably one of the most important thing in the list - Dress yourself up neatly and nicely. Treat your escort date as if you are having an actual date with the girl you have anticipate for so long to have dinner with.

You wouldn't turn up for a date that you have been waiting with worn-out or fading clothes, untrimmed & dirty fingernails with messy and oily hair. Would you? If so, you should tidy yourself up and dress up nicely for your escort date as well. Nothing will turns out more awkward faster than showing up in a messy way. As there's a saying - Packaging is the most important first impression.

Girls are attracted to gentleman immediately who looks good and clean in his dressing. Improve your wardrobe and invest in your clothing to enhance your assets. Looking and feeling good will help you to be confident around the girl. On the other hand, if you dress to impress your escort date. She will appreciate your kind gesture and respect towards her which makes her want to impress you even more thus turning your escort experience more exciting!

2) Exercise and having a healthy diet - Take plenty of time to eat healthy, exercise, sleep and groom yourself. Mental health is very important to building self-confident. Having good feeling about yourself will help you project happiness and confidence which are always attractive to the opposite sex.

Remind yourself constantly to be confident of yourself. Having confidence is a huge turn on for any type of girl. Take note, it's not cockiness but confidence. Calm your nerves and be yourself. Don't be nervous or reveal your awkwardness when you're having a date with your dream woman.

During your date, try to be initiative as girls prefer guys who are confident of themselves making the decision without any hesitation. Girls love to be pursued and pampered by a sophisticated gentleman. Giving her the impression that she is the only one in your eyes and flirt with her while she teases you is the best way to let her know how much you want her and appreciate her company. Woman even successful career-minded ladies like to be in the arms of a gentleman who's in control of his life and decisions.

3) Confidence is good but don't get too cocky - Don't be an egoistic, an unnecessary outburst of your egoistic behaviour is a huge turn off to anyone. Woman does appreciate a man who respects himself. Do not let anyone take you for granted. Demand the respect that you deserve from your surrounding people as well as your colleagues. Avoid any friends who take pleasure in having a laugh at your expenses and misfortunes.

One of the most important steps to impress a woman is to constantly remind yourself that you are good enough to win her heart over and be the impressive man that you always are. Don't belittle yourself and tell yourself you are not up to her level. Being yourself will allow you to be more comfortable and most likely making a lasting impression which will be beneficial to your 2nd or 3rd escort date with your dream woman if you preferred.

4) Conversation - Be initiative and creative with your conversations. You can literally talk about anything with your dream woman and keep a conversation going. The most awkward part during a date is the lack of conversations which results in awkwardness thus killing the atmosphere. If you are someone that is not good at talking and seldom socialise outside.

You might want to be prepared for the date of your lifetime. You can have a look at the biography of your dream escort companion and know what type of topics interest her. Research on the topics that she is passionate about and try to have a few related or interesting things to talk about during the dinner date.

5) Personal Questions - While you should have plenty of questions and topics to discuss about. But you should make sure that none of the questions are too personalised for the lady to answer. Sometimes these models might not be comfortable with sharing their life details with you on the first meeting.

One of the main reason is due to their modelling career, it could cause her some issues if her profession ever come to light. Try to stick to the more general topics like hobbies, places she travelled before or cuisines she love.

6) The Golden Rule - Lastly, the most important and number 1 rule of hiring an escort is to treat her with respect. Regardless of all the tips and rules we have mentioned above. It is okay if you have made some mistakes in between as long as you are respectful towards her at all times, you shouldn't be having any major issues.

Remember that at the end of the day, an escort is a professional and you should treat her as such. While an escort companion might give you the best moment in your lifetime but you should not expect this relationship to go beyond.

Hiring an escort can be an exciting and rewarding experience. Don't be impulsive and take your time to read through all the escort's biographies and select the one that is most suitable for you. Once you have selected the escort of your preference. Do let us do the rest of the work and you can relax and look forward to the day you met your dream woman.