Serene and Romantic Vacation with Thailand VIP Escort Model in Kanchanaburi

To spend a few sensual and romantic days during your exclusive vacation with one of the beautiful models from our high-class escort agency. There are many beautiful places in this western province of Thailand Kanchanaburi especially if you are a history, culture and nature lover.

With a blend of history during world war 2 and an abundance of incredible natural habitats that makes this beautiful province an ideal travel destination for a romantic vacation. In this beautiful province, you and your beauty may discover the various romantic hide-away and luxurious villas where you can truly enjoy and indulge in all the sensual benefits from your elegant escort companion.

Raya Buri Resort - The journey to this luxurious villa will takes you and your sensual escort to this magical floating house with complete privacy guaranteed in a luxurious, comfortable and unique setting with plenty of activities to offer such as canoeing or relaxing in your private jacuzzi and indulge in the sensual moments with your sexy escort model.

Admire the breath-taking lake view with a feel of serenity as well as modern interior design. Every private villa comes with its own private deck along with a private jacuzzi along with a beautiful escort companion by your side is every man's dream.

Thawsi Lake Hill - Ever dreamt of staying at a Lake House like in the movies with several sexy ladies as your companions? Then this resort will probably be the most ideal place for your vacation! Spend a few nights together with a few sexy part time escort model at Thawsi Lake Hill resort. Every room is design beautifully with a natural and environmental friendly concept combining with modern style elements in a wonderful way.

Looking for total privacy to enjoy the sensual component of our high-class escort service? Each room comes with your own outdoor jacuzzi set on the terrace of your villa with whom you may admire the stunning physique of your sensual model escort in her racy lingerie outfit and many extravagant adventures around the lake which you may experience with your VIP escort model.

Dejtosapak Restaurant - Amazingly, you and your charming model may dine in a serene, calm and relaxing setting at one of the best restaurant in Kanchanaburi. This open-air restaurant boasts spectacular views of the river, mountains and green vistas and dining tables perfectly placed to provide the right amount of privacy with a unique open space below your dining table to hang your feet over the water as you indulge in delicious local Thai cuisines.

Not enough privacy? You may sit down on the net mesh at the edge of their outdoor platform right above the water with your elegant model and enjoy the splendid views of the lake or you could also hire a specialize raft service and spend more quality alone time with your VIP model companion while enjoying the beautiful sunset.

Rock Valley Hot Spring and Fish Spa - You and your charming VIP model will enjoy and relax around Kanchanaburi is a fact. This region can draw from its natural pantry. In this beautiful province itself lies a relaxation destination like no other. Hidden deep within the lush jungle along the bank of River Kwai, you can visit this luxury and environmental friendly spa with 15 different hot springs where you can fully enjoy the privacy with your charming escort companion.

Consider their signature treatment with natural products or flower-infused pool with different health benefits!

Keeree Mantra Restaurant - Bored of all the hype with river-view dining in Kanchanaburi? Try having a view of the hills instead! This is the unique feature of this magical province that have everything in natural setting! Driving into this restaurant hidden among the mountains surrounded by nothing but beautiful flowers and garden with breath-taking mountain views. With a fine dining concept among a beautiful natural setting, you and your charming escort companion will be delighted by their interesting menu of dishes.

Overall, your sensual escort companion in Thailand will take you into her world of sensuality that will exceed all your expectations. You and your adventurous escort companion may explore Kanchaburi and the natural wonders this magical province has to offer which will provide you with plenty of unique and memorable experiences.

Staying on a luxury water villa, exploring the mountains, kayaking along the river, visiting the spectacular Erawan waterfall or serene Sai Yok Noi waterfall as well as many more exciting water sports or hiking adventures! Don't wait or look any further, you may fulfilled this beautiful dream by sending us an email now and you can look forward to an exclusive vacation with one or more high-class escort companion from Thailand.