Ibiza - luxury playground for the rich and wealthy - Music, relaxation, girls, sun and plenty of fun!

The party capital of the world. It's is the playground for the rich and famous to come and enjoy the picturesque beaches and party scene. Relax and unwind together with your charming escort companion. Enjoy the summer with the company of the stunning turquoise water and white powdery sand.

To give your exclusive date the perfect start, a fine glass of champagne accompanied by the music from the world-class DJs is the most ideal choice in this party island.

Ibiza is popular for its truly impressive number of high-class beach clubs. Beach clubs are not to be missed when you are having a vacation in Ibiza. Below are some of our introductions to some of the most exclusive and luxurious beach clubs in the world.

Nikki Beach - If you are looking for that unique experience during your luxury holiday with your VIP escort companion, you should never miss the Nikki Beach Club. The Nikki Beach brand is sync with energetic, lively, luxurious and sexy which promise you an ultimate experience.

With a stunning beachfront location, this club plays host to a series of glamorous events and VIP parties over the summers. Other than the luxury party scene you can look forward to. Not to forget the exquisite culinary delights Nikki Beach has to offer! Treat yourself and your bikini babes to the seafood platter and their signature sushi! There are also themed BBQs and Sushi nights through the week!

Blue Marlin - This exclusive beach club exudes a certain sophisticated of fashion and is the next top luxury location we would like to introduce you. Renowned for its parties, it is so popular among the wealthy that they run a water taxi service to ferry guests to and from their luxury yachts.

This legendary beach club is famous for its great ambience and is the ultimate place to have a full day to night beach club experience. It's so popular that you should reserve your VIP table for you and your charming escort companion as early as possible. Try out their signature cocktails and enjoy the music by their world-class djs.

Ushuaïa - There is hardly a more sensual and beautiful way to spend your sensual and adventurous evening away with a stunning VIP escort model in a classy club who has gain the status of being the five star theme park for adults. Featuring a world-class clubbing experience with luxurious accommodation that attracts some of the A-listers celebrities. Enjoy the company of the high society party lovers and a VIP escort model in this exclusive and sophisticated club.

Visit this extroadinary club in the afternoon that features their amazing open-air parties that take place around the pool. The presence of your charming model companion will be the sensual highlight of a perfect day!