How to impress your partner during your first date!

First impressions are extremely important for your first date

You need to have the self esteem and body language shown in order for you to meet someone with the same rapport. But first you need to remember that you are a good person and are worthy of a loving and romantic relationship like everyone else. As Confidence is a beauty all in itself!

However, please keep in mind that there are some important things you need to take note of during your first date.

-Always be polite, girls don't like guys being rude and ask some personal questions about them during the first date.

-Make an effort to improve on your appearance and appear with your best self and always be puntual for your first date

-If you want your partner to respect you and take you seriously, always be respectful to them.

-Stay off your phone unless you're expecting an important call and make sure you let your partner know about it

-Try to avoid discussing topics regarding your past relationships.

-Ensure you are comfortable with where you are going on your date


We have covered some of the details that will be important during the start of your first date. But let's not forget about the ending as well! These steps will make sure you will leave a good impression with your partner and conclude your first date as a success!

-If you felt a reciprocated connection, give them a hug or small kiss goodnight.

-Tell them you would like to see them again

-Follow up your date with a thank you call

-Do not promise them you will call when you have no intention of doing so

And always remember don't look at every date as a potential spouse.